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Why go Elopement Style over a Traditional Wedding!

Calling all adventurous couples! Or maybe even just intimate couples? Couples that want to spend quality time together on their wedding day sharing in something they love? Elopement style weddings are not made to avoid the family affair, they are to share in the most special part of your relationship intimately, together. They are to create amazing memories of your wedding day in enjoying something you and your significant other believe is special. 

The decision for my husband and I to have an elopement style wedding was easy, if we were planning on spending a butt-load of money on a wedding, why not make a vacation out of our wedding?! We picked Iceland for a few reasons:

1. It was an easy short and direct flight from Denver where we wouldn’t be losing much time in travel. 

2. We wanted EPIC photos to remember our day together forever. Iceland’s dramatic scenery was very promising! 

3. We are adventurous travelers. We knew Iceland would mean hikes, beaches, mountains, exploring, hot springs, everything! It was easy to travel around via camper van and had so much to offer in regards to the outdoors! 

4. It was somewhere we knew our immediate families and friends wouldn’t normally choose to go, but somewhere we knew they would enjoy! It gave them an excuse to have a vacation they wouldn’t normally choose for themselves.

This was all personal preference for US. We had a few locations in mind and our own reason for wanting elopement style over traditional wedding and I have to say, we don’t regret a second of our decision to do our wedding the way we did. Our wedding was perfection and the best description of us as a couple and our relationship. 

When trying to choose if you would like to do an elopement style wedding vs. a traditional wedding, I believe it is important to sit down and think about what is the most important thing for you and your significant other in regards to you and your slide into marriage. For us, it was important for us to have a stress free and memorable day based around us and our love. An elopement is supposed to be special and a day catered to your love. If you want to start your day with a hike to the mountain top and say your vows as the sunlight begins to hit creating an alpen glow? Go for it! If you want to rock climb and eat cake for breakfast before you vow forever to each other, do it! There are so many ways to create a day around something you love and can share together to create a memorable day. 

There is no right or wrong way to have your wedding - there is only creating a day that you and your significant other will cherish. Not giving in to family staples on how your day should be, it is your day! Go enjoy it! 

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